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Software BREEZE - Breeze 3D Analyst 4.0

Software BREEZE


BREEZEĀ® announces the release of BREEZE 3D Analyst 4.0 and the upcoming of BREEZE Incident Analyst 4.0

  • BREEZE 3D Analyst Version 4.0
    BREEZE 3D Analyst Version 4.0 was released on May 5, 2020 and includes many new time-saving features and tools to enhance your modeling assessments. This new version, which is available for free to those with valid BREEZE 3D Analyst maintenance.
    BREEZE 3D Analyst 4.0
  • BREEZE Incident Analyst Version 4.0
    A major release for BREEZE Incident Analyst is coming in early July! This new version will include the ability to download high-resolution site-specific base maps for any location in the world, a function that automatically calculates the receptorsā€™ maximum concentration, and much more! Only users with valid Incident Analyst maintenance will have access to this upcoming version.

Elena Ripamonti